A cold night and a light north-easterly forecast, hhmmmm, could be good. And it was not half bad. Aimee did two or three lengthy flights with Bob and made good progress. Mat did a couple of useful ones with me consolidating his clear improvement from visiting Kenley recently. Jeff flew the K8 but struggled to get good soaring in, it will come. Darren did some training in the winch which I am sure we all appreciate, bet Simon does ! And Toby converted onto the K6, well done Toby and congratulations on your sailing achievements ! So we need to really make the most of the remaining weeks of this summer folks, lets get it done.


6 Responses to “SEPTEMBER ALREADY”

  1. Darren Darby Says:

    Turned out nice again. Good to see Matt and Aimee doing so well and great to see Toby in the K6.Unfortunately Toby I think it’s a little on the small side for you so you will just have to leave it for me to take care of it. Enjoyed winch training, thank you Simon. Lets hope I can get that experience and help give you lot some great launches. Until we meet again…………………….Foxtrot Bravo (Flying Beard)…OUT.

  2. Aimee Says:

    I had a couple of the best flights I’ve had so far, got some good thermalling in, getting to 1500ft with Bob. Beautiful say and beautiful flying. Cheers guys 👍

  3. Toby Freeland Says:

    It was great to be back after what felt like an eternity. Cheers for the support and excellent instruction as always Colin which made the light controls of the K6, that felt almost unconnected, slightly less scary!! Its all yours Darren…If it can fit your beard in! Thanks everyone!

  4. Ken Ellis Says:

    As a past member I still read the blog with interest. I do miss flying with the Club. All the best – Ken Ellis

    • channelgliding Says:

      How lovely to hear from you again Ken. We have all missed you. Why don’t you come and visit us and say Hello and have a catch up. You will see from the posts that your old k6 is getting plenty of use. Best wishes Simon

  5. astirman Says:

    And may I add Ken we could arrange for you to have a flight or two with one of our new basic instructors, or Bob, or me even !

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