The weather is unbelievably mild but all around the country airfields are closed due to water logging. sadly we are no different. But although we are small, where we are different is that a band of happy members drove to the club, fought their way along the the challenging lane and spent a morning performing heroics to ensure we can all fly when spring comes ! Brilliant, top effort and thank you folks . Some pictures follow, no funny captions just gratitude to you.

Christmas sales are going well I understand and I believe this is going to be a really successful gliding club  next year. We all need to pull together and I know we will. If the weather cooperates we are going to do a lot of flying, so please apply your minds to how you can contribute to the club and how you can benefit from being a member of CGC.


Look forward to seeing you  soon.





  1. simon Says:

    Well said.happy new year to everyone.

  2. Jim Lambert Says:

    Hi guys…the eBay raffle has thrown up a new(!) 1972 vintage carb for the winch engine… cost an impressive 1p…..and I have also run across something for the fantasists among you…. on Youtube, BMGC Thermal Soaring – whatever that is….. rather contentious! How tight do you turn….

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