Finally, the field dry enough to go flying. However, would the wind strength and direction allow flying ? Well a brisk wind straight down the runway greeted us, and boy was it cold but fly we did. We got the instructors all checked and current and commenced flying with our solo pilots, essentially the mission was to get the club back up and running after the longest break due to weather in my memory. We had a visitor from Australia, Alan Ruth. A lovely fellow glider pilot who was touring England and northern Europe with a very big ruck sack !  Paul gave Alan an extended flight which I think he enjoyed, viewing Deal castle from air prior to actually visiting the castle. Keep in touch Alan. Sadly the wind freshened mid afternoon and flying was abandoned for the day but overall I think it was mission accomplished. Alan from appears on the left in one of the following pictures along with some rather cold WDP pilots and instructors. See you all soon.



One Response to “FIRST FLYING DAY OF 2016”

  1. Jim Lambert Says:

    The Vitara finally got a decent battery…. and I got to see one end of the field…. which meant that Simon got a view of proceedings at the draughty end! Last four launches hardly took any power at all in the climb…. the transition to climb was fiendishly difficult to judge!! Finish the day with a splicing session…. great with cold fingers.
    Seems as though spring is nearly here, snow forecast…. yay!

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