What a weekend ? Saturday, 6 trial lessons, thermic conditions, hale stones, sun, wind…. yes it’s England. Contrast to last Sunday when it was thermic all day long and some excellent flying was performed. Sunday was a day for the Birchington Scouts who camped overnight at the club in what must have been, let’s say challenging conditions. However, morning briefing at 10.00am and we got underway reasonably promptly with a good turn out of club member’s to help. And at this point, let’s not forget those in the background, Simon’s wife Liz and daughter Janine. Thank you primarily Paul and Steve Pot flew the 22 scouts and their leaders during the day, a bit of shower dodging but we got it done.  We enjoyed the company of the scouts and how good it was to see the airfield being used to it’s potential. I would really like to see more diversification and that’s possibly it’s real future. The winch was of course nursed by Simon for the two days and gave good launches. Nicole, helped with log keeping and Greg did his stuff. We hope to get EDU back very shortly and we will have two superb K13’s and a back up in the form of G CLOC when required.

Just need one of the BI’s to bite the bullet and get that AE rating before the existing instructors “move on”.





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