What a day ? Bit unexpected if I am honest. The forecasts looked pretty good but I wasn’t really convinced when I arrived at the field at 9.30. However, we encouraged Toby to get prepared and BI Mr Potter to have his Cirrus ready, a 100K was on the cards. Oh, and the K8 was made ready for Jeff and Terry. I took a launch at 10.30 (ish) as the first bubbles appeared with Toby’s brother Peter, followed up the wire by Toby in the K6. Peter and I had a productive flight and we observed that Toby had got away though the sky was not overwhelmingly brilliant. However away he did get, followed by Potter in the cirrus. We flew trial flights, the K8 flew, the field looked good with freshly cut grass, clouds grew, wind changed direction, it got cold. We monitored Toby’s flight but around the 4 hour mark we hadn’t seem him for a while. And then he appeared over Dover as a speck in the sky ! Surely he was going to do it. We changed ends, half an hour to go, still high. Then with a few minutes to go he was on circuit. Toby landed with 5 hours 4 minutes. Well done. Oh, and silver height too. Brilliant. Toby did say that he had pretty much fallen out of the sky and wasn’t at all sure he had managed it, the logger confirms he had ! Mr Potter whizzed round his 100K, rubbish landing mind you, must work on that. I also flew with Ian who made good progress with the use of the trimmer during the day, keep it up Ian, fly regularly, it helps. Once again a day at WDP that would surprise many other glider pilots around the country. We MUST build on this.

k13 sky






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