Saturday was superb conditions pretty much all day. Achievements :- Jeff got away ! O yes, 3500 feet in DNV, well done that man. Good training flights done and all trial flights done with lots of smiles. Mr Potter flew his Cirrus round the Kent countryside and Maurice probably had the flight of his life with Mat, Canterbury to Challock and back to Waldershare. Bet the residents of CLK were surprised to see a K13 circling above their airfield ? Great feedback about the flight from Maurice received.

Sunday, O my goodness, low cloud blowing in off the sea but loads of trials booked. Come 1.30 I did a weather check and possibly slightly optimistically felt another half an hour and we could get it all done. And we did ! Thank you to all those that turned up and helped, Adrian, Jeff, Ken and Brad. And of course Simon and Bob. We really really need more of this sort of commitment from members….. reflect on the chairman of Vectis (Isle of Wight ) gliding clubs comments folks. Must comment on Jeff’s efforts with the lawn mower at the launch point, fantastic stuff, makes it look beautiful and so professional in my view and the good safety implications are excellent.Need a big mower for the club folks !

happy trial flight


  1. simon Says:

    Did u mean fright of his life?!;)

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