Let’s have a little think about this. We started the year with only one K13, awaiting the refurbishment of EDU (our other K13). Difficult times. We refurbished the winch with a brand new V6 engine which has performed superbly along with new cables. Not to mention the reinvigorated winch diver ! Superb launches often to 1500 feet !

We were reunited with the EDU and O yes it was truly beautiful, red harness straps that any GTI would be proud to display !. We established a friendship with the Surrey Hills GC at Kenley (where I learnt to fly) and in their hour of need we were able to help our friends up the road at Challock by lending them our newly refurbished K13. Good to build such relationships I feel and I am sure it is and will be entirely reciprocated. We had a couple of new BI’s. We did some external rendering to the club house walls, we installed some LED lighting into the club house and an excellent wood burner to provide warmth, some new UVPC windows installed. We cleared over grown scrub-land around the club house and installed additional fencing and signage. We suffered a break in but with our usual resilience we moved on.

As previously reported we had a brilliant day of aero towing, promising so much for the future.

And this weekend, nothing much to report for a little club to be honest. Very mild conditions, very light winds and O we sent our first 15 year old pilot solo (well done Peter) and a slightly older pilot (Gordon) solo after 40 year odd years aspiring to be a solo pilot. There should be a picture or two below but never mind this was an inspirational weekend for the club as far as I am concerned. Two new solo pilots in a day ? Come on that really is a good achievement for any club ?

Lets keep this going !



  1. Simon waters Says:

    Very well said….and BTW. ..it’s a big fat v8!!

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