2017 ARRIVES !


So I know we have been quiet for a few weeks on this blog, but the club has still been flying whenever the weather has allowed. Last weekend Sean the CFI from Odiham visited and by all accounts had a good day. Simon has worked on the exhaust of the winch engine and general maintenance tasks have been ongoing.

A picture of an old friend (Ron) should appear below, or at least his aircraft along with the K13’s last flight of 2016.

The warmer weather will soon arrive and another great year of flying beckons.

Happy New Year !

One Response to “2017 ARRIVES !”

  1. Jim Lambert Says:

    Hi Guys…. please add expletives as required…
    Removing keys from cars at the end of the day keeps the batteries from going flat. Please try it…
    Jump leads are connected “Ashes to Ashes, Funky to Funky…”
    The other way, Ashes to Funky, Funky to Ashes, gives a few expensive flashes…..
    I don’t want to take money from club funds… but cannot afford to replace alternators regularly….!! Used Subaru parts and Suzuki 60 amp fuses are not that common….
    Have a great summer season!! Jim Lambert

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