Folks, another flying season dawns. As you all know (I hope) the club has a new CFI. A very experienced pilot who brings knowledge, massive experience and professionalism to the club. The club is well placed in terms of aircraft and for the first time has a glass fibre single seater in the ASW 15. The club house is probably in better shape than it has been for years and you all have a great chance to build on this.

I have thought a great deal about what to write in this post, I have time on my hands up in Newark on the evenings but the simple single fact I conclude is that everyone in the club really has to get more stuck in and help Simon.

Have a great season everyone.





2 Responses to “2018 SEASON”

  1. Jim Lambert Says:

    I spent a little while helping Simon last Saturday, on a mattress next to the winch… dismantling and cleaning a four choke Edelbrock carburettor! The elusive misfire gremlin is being hunted down still.
    Murphys law decreed that the ‘spare’ winch arrived a bit late, due to the recovery driver taking a week off in Majorca.
    The yellow monster came down from Staffordshire GC on Saturday 21st, supposedly in full running order, Obviously a bit of familiarisation and checking needed! Small, or big, issue, it is 2ft higher than the winch hut…. Tost winch on a 1954 Dennis dustcart chassis makes for an impressive lump!
    I have a little more time available due to changes in family commitment. So I will be getting my hands dirty on a regular basis!
    Jim Lambert

  2. Jim Lambert Says:

    Update, four K13 launches have happened, and the new low emission engine oil is on its way….
    Heroic volunteers needed to ‘calibrate’ the driver for single seaters.
    It’s very different , the view from the cab includes the launch point!!

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