So due to work location I have not got down to the club very often this year, but this was going to be a very special day. The club not only has a tug being prepared for use later this year but one of the members has acquired a very interesting aircraft, a K21 with a pop up engine. It’s actually a self launcher and believed to be the only one in the country. Anyway, Steve was kind enough to take me for a flight in the beast and it was rather wonderful. Despite the very long grass it was easily airborne within a third of the runway and we headed out towards the coast before retracting the engine and heading homewards. An amazing experience and I hope that Steve achieves all he wishes with this aircraft. I think having aero tow facilitiesĀ  will be a major advance for the club. Speaking as an instructor it is so much easier to teach someone primary effects of controls etc with a guaranteed twenty minutes or so in the air so I think recruitment and retention will be much easier in future. Trial lessons should also be able to generate significant income for the club allowing further investment in aircraft and infrastructure.

Success will breed success I believe.


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