June 24, 2019 by

So due to work location I have not got down to the club very often this year, but this was going to be a very special day. The club not only has a tug being prepared for use later this year but one of the members has acquired a very interesting aircraft, a K21 with a pop up engine. It’s actually a self launcher and believed to be the only one in the country. Anyway, Steve was kind enough to take me for a flight in the beast and it was rather wonderful. Despite the very long grass it was easily airborne within a third of the runway and we headed out towards the coast before retracting the engine and heading homewards. An amazing experience and I hope that Steve achieves all he wishes with this aircraft. I think having aero tow facilities  will be a major advance for the club. Speaking as an instructor it is so much easier to teach someone primary effects of controls etc with a guaranteed twenty minutes or so in the air so I think recruitment and retention will be much easier in future. Trial lessons should also be able to generate significant income for the club allowing further investment in aircraft and infrastructure.

Success will breed success I believe.



March 15, 2018 by

Folks, another flying season dawns. As you all know (I hope) the club has a new CFI. A very experienced pilot who brings knowledge, massive experience and professionalism to the club. The club is well placed in terms of aircraft and for the first time has a glass fibre single seater in the ASW 15. The club house is probably in better shape than it has been for years and you all have a great chance to build on this.

I have thought a great deal about what to write in this post, I have time on my hands up in Newark on the evenings but the simple single fact I conclude is that everyone in the club really has to get more stuck in and help Simon.

Have a great season everyone.





September 5, 2017 by

Summer is nearly over and we have had a pretty dam good summer. Both K13’s have flown all summer but the club has faced a dilemma with the K6 out of action.

A solutions seems to have been found and at the same time potentially a massive step forward for CGC is about to take place. Yes folks, we have bought a glass single seater. Picture below. An ASW15 purchased from a dissolving syndicate at CLK. This is a great glider and may well be a game changer for this club. A few factors to consider, primarily how to convert pilots onto this relatively whizzy glider. Let me assure you though, if you want to fly this glider and you are prepared to do the necessary training, we will make it happen.



June 12, 2017 by

Cripes, months have passed since the last post. So much has happened. Steve and Shaun visit regularly and fill in for Colin who is tied up work wise. The club house is splendid, walls painted, windows fixed etc etc. The winch is in fine form and the K13’s are flying superbly. The field looks amazing.

We are flying Saturday. Come and join us.



2017 ARRIVES !

January 2, 2017 by

So I know we have been quiet for a few weeks on this blog, but the club has still been flying whenever the weather has allowed. Last weekend Sean the CFI from Odiham visited and by all accounts had a good day. Simon has worked on the exhaust of the winch engine and general maintenance tasks have been ongoing.

A picture of an old friend (Ron) should appear below, or at least his aircraft along with the K13’s last flight of 2016.

The warmer weather will soon arrive and another great year of flying beckons.

Happy New Year !


October 30, 2016 by

Let’s have a little think about this. We started the year with only one K13, awaiting the refurbishment of EDU (our other K13). Difficult times. We refurbished the winch with a brand new V6 engine which has performed superbly along with new cables. Not to mention the reinvigorated winch diver ! Superb launches often to 1500 feet !

We were reunited with the EDU and O yes it was truly beautiful, red harness straps that any GTI would be proud to display !. We established a friendship with the Surrey Hills GC at Kenley (where I learnt to fly) and in their hour of need we were able to help our friends up the road at Challock by lending them our newly refurbished K13. Good to build such relationships I feel and I am sure it is and will be entirely reciprocated. We had a couple of new BI’s. We did some external rendering to the club house walls, we installed some LED lighting into the club house and an excellent wood burner to provide warmth, some new UVPC windows installed. We cleared over grown scrub-land around the club house and installed additional fencing and signage. We suffered a break in but with our usual resilience we moved on.

As previously reported we had a brilliant day of aero towing, promising so much for the future.

And this weekend, nothing much to report for a little club to be honest. Very mild conditions, very light winds and O we sent our first 15 year old pilot solo (well done Peter) and a slightly older pilot (Gordon) solo after 40 year odd years aspiring to be a solo pilot. There should be a picture or two below but never mind this was an inspirational weekend for the club as far as I am concerned. Two new solo pilots in a day ? Come on that really is a good achievement for any club ?

Lets keep this going !


October 16, 2016 by

So OK it rained and blew a gale on Sunday and eventually common sense prevailed and we scrubbed the day.

Saturday though just has to be declared a success ! Visitors from Kenley, lots of club members and Dave from Bicester with his Robin tug. What a day. The club house being used as a club house should be, hot dogs, burgers, coffee and tea for lunch and then the sky cleared and we could finally aero tow shortly after lunch. One after another we launched, K13 after K 13 with the odd Grob thrown in. Not to mention a Pirat and SZD 55 being slung up the wire.  A superb afternoon ! The Waters family provided the food, excellent, Maurice looked after Dave our tug pilot overnight, Jeff cut the grass, Steve from Kenley looked after his guys and a great atmosphere prevailed. Thanks to all club members who gave a helping hand and particularly to Steve C for initiating this.

We will do this again.



October 11, 2016 by

Sadly Saturday scrubbed due to heavy showers around Kent. Sunday dawned rather better than predicted.  We had Paul and Steve as BI’s and best of all we have DNV back from its inspection. A picture should appear below. We flew all the trial lessons and the few club members present also flew. Steve flew his Cirrus and a builder was completing the rendering on the club house. Things are happening and we need full support of all members to achieve.

Next weekend we have aero tow facilities available and expect a number of visitors to join us. Make sure you are there !

24TH 25TH SEPT 2016

September 26, 2016 by

Saturday dawned with slightly dull and breezy weather. However, we had some visitors from Kenley (Surrey Hills GC) who had brought a rather nice K6E with them.

With DNV in Kevin’s workshop for it’s annual check we needed to be efficient and I reckon we made a pretty good fist of it. Blustery conditions persisted throughout the day but we got everyone flown I believe. Our visitors did several flights in their K6 and I must say it was a pleasure to see pilots from another club enjoying the Kent skies.

Interesting stuff going on in the club house too. Gregg has found a rather impressive wood burner and Maurice busy installing it. Winter may be a rather more bearable season this year. In addition Simon has sourced a rather nice new cooker for the kitchen, just need a bit of effort to revamp the kitchen and away we go.

Bob in charge Sunday, drizzle etc in the morning but I understand superb conditions later on. A couple of pictures appear below showing our visiting instructor and P2 enjoying (and don’t their smiles show it ?) a flight in the K13 along with their view of Dover harbour.

Stuff is happening at this club.

Get on board.


September 5, 2016 by

A fairly busy weekend in prospect but we delivered. Saturday, Bob and Colin flew all club members and trial flights in really quite fresh conditions. Sunday, Paul and Colin were on duty along with Peter from CLK who it seems fancied a relaxed day away from the pressures of a bigger club. Hopefully we delivered that.

Sunday the weather kept promising to break and let a little sun hit the ground but it never really managed it, Paul managed a 15 minute flight with an introductory flight course visitor but that was pretty much it.

Next weekend we need to de rig DNV to send it for it’s annual so please as many as possible to give us hand.